“10” Club

This association was created to honor those individuals who, when asked on a scale of 1 – 10, “Do you believe all children and youth are capable of success, No Exceptions?” are able to circle “10” = Strongly Believe. Our research is clear, kids have a greater chance of succeeding in life when they are surrounded by adults who strongly believe in them – adults who are “10’s.”

Additionally, the “10” club membership dues raise funds in order to establish a HOPE CHEST Scholarship Fund in support of the annual Youth Development Master’s Institute – 10’s supporting 10’s.

“10” Club members are recognized by:

  • A “10” Club Lapel pin
  • A “10” Club membership certificate
  • Acknowledgement on Kids at Hope website
  • Recognition at the Master’s Institute
  • A 10% discount for all materials, registrations and tuitions.

Membership dues are $10 a year May – April.

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2017 “10” Club Charter Members

Annapolis Elementary School
County of Manitowoc

Ahmed-Litz Raheel
Ashworth Dr. Shawn
Bayus Tameri
Benitez Anita
Bilbao Bonnie
Burkett Jackie
Cardinet Walter
Cardinet Molly
Chapman Nicole
Cihlar Staci
Coleman April
Endicott Wally
Endicott Cynthia
Freeman Tracey
Gerard Kristin
Germano Maria
Goodhope Lisa
Grijalva Felisha
Haghighat Dr. Ibi
Hardy Tim
Herren Dale
Hornor Hillary
Hough Kenna
Hudson Donna
Johnson Jonathan
Krogman Michael
Larsen Wendy
Leary Jessica
Ledvina Stacy
Lee Kristin
Lobeck Jeanette
Lyon Amy
Manning Teresa
Martines Angelica
Martinovic Nastassia
Mattison Tina
Miles Gretchen
Miller Rick
Miller Norma
Montgomery Stephanie
Naujoks Kathy
Penland David
Piersoll Diana
Poblete Gerald
Quistorf Lisa
Rankel Caitlin
Reistrup Kim
Rosbruch Ron
Rysticken Craig
Salisbury Anita
Saul Jennifer
Sears Terra
Stanton Rebecca
Stolp Lisa
Tebbe Margie
Thomas Claudia
Tighe Dr. Paul
Tighe Amy
Valenzuela Julio
Wombacher Kathy
Woodard Jenni
Young Kim


…while there are no simple answers regarding how a school develops a culture of academic optimism and high expectations for all students, the Kids at Hope belief system provided remarkable strategies that effectively motivated the entire school community to create optimism and channel behavior toward the accomplishment of high academic goals.
Dr. Mark ParrishDoctoral Degree Program Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL