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CELEBRATE 10-10-10

It’s time to CELEBRATE the 10’s in young people’s lives.

Kids at Hope is introducing a powerful expression and celebration to recognize the 10’s in all kid’s lives.

WE call it 10 – 10 -10

Simply, on the 10th day of each month we are asking all our projects and partners to use their imagination and creativity to pause and recognize 10’s –  those remarkable treasure hunters who do not give up on kids.

Our inaugural event will be take place in October (the 10th month of the year-on the 10th day of the 10th month- celebrating 10’s). It’s 10 – 10 – 10!!

But beyond the first ever 10 -10 – 10 we, again, are encouraging everyone to sustain the awareness and momentum by honoring 10’s in the lives of students on the 10th day of each month during the year.


Beginning in the late 1990’s Kids at Hope, armed with a body of research that better defined how all children can succeed, NO Exceptions began to measure the level of adult’s commitment and beliefs in the young people they served. The question offered was simple, but revealing. It asked, “Do you believe all children/youth are capable of success, No Exceptions?”  It then asked respondents to self-identify at what level or strength in that statement they possessed- on a scale between “1 to 10”.  Low numbers representing strongly disagree or disbelieve in that statement up to “10” representing strongly agree or believe.

We know for a fact that children do better and are more successful when they have adults who strongly believe they will do well. We learned those adults present themselves as 10’s and that is powerful.

Our conclusion was, kids need 10’s in their lives. Anything less than a 10 represents an individual who for some reason or reasons cannot accept the belief that all children are capable of success, NO Exceptions! The impact of adult’s beliefs about children, good or bad, are known as the self-fulfilling prophecy or Pygmalion effect and it has been studied for decades. Kids do not need 9’s; 8’s; 7’s; etc. They do not need adults who find reasons they cannot succeed.

The other incontrovertible conclusion is. . . if the adults serving youth are not 10’s, their effectiveness will be dramatically diminished and they will, in most likelihood, not even know it. However, the children will.

So it’s TIME to celebrate the 10’s in kids’ lives.

 Be TENacious!!

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I can’t imagine my students in a school where Kids at Hope was not implemented. Students feel safe, relaxed and are motivated to learn and achieve their best.
Maria MunozParent Phoenix, AZ