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Kids at Hope Day/Week 2016 – Celebrating “10’s”
For this year’s Kids at Hope Day Celebration we want to continue celebrating the importance of “10’s” in the lives of children and youth.

Let’s Celebrate “10’s” for Kids at Hope Day!
We know for a fact that children do better and are more successful when they have adults who strongly believe they will do well. We learned those adults present themselves as 10’s and that is powerful.
Our conclusion was, kids need 10’s in their lives. Anything less than a 10 represents an individual who for some reason cannot accept the belief that all children are capable of success, NO Exceptions! The impact of adult’s beliefs about children, good or bad, are known as the self-fulfilling prophecy or Pygmalion effect and it has been studied for decades. Kids do not need 9’s; 8’s; 7’s; etc. They do not need adults who find reasons they cannot succeed.

Celebrating “10’s”!

We want to recognize your creativity and commitment… Share your Kids at Hope Day activities with us – each entry submitted will receive a Kids at Hope “10” lapel pin. Win a $100 gift certificate to the Kids at Hope store and more!

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Feel free to use these downloads in your celebrations!
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Being one of the younger treasurer hunters as well as a Kid at Hope, I wanted to say the hope tunnels do really make a difference during the first week of school. I attend Westwood high school and having all those familiar as well as unknown faces there for encouragement along with uplifting messages does really make a difference in how students (including myself) start the year off. I just wanted to say thank you for the dedication and positive difference you’ve been making around St.luci…
Amanda FrederickC/O 2014 @ Fort Pierce west-wood high school Member of youth leadership 2011-2012