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Kids at Hope Backpacks

During the 2017 Kids at Hope Master’s Institute, Pima County Deputy Court Administrator Tina Mattison saw the embroidered Kids at Hope backpacks and knew they would be great items for the youth. Generally, when the youth are released from Detention, their items such as clothing, schoolwork, attorney and probation cards and certificates they have earned during their stay end up in a plastic bag for their journey to placement, home, foster care or group homes. This has bothered many of us for years. Tina authorized us to order 200 Kids at Hope backpacks to be given to the youth to pack their items in at their departure and for them to keep and reuse to carry their school items in as well as other necessities.

Items such as the new backpacks given to youth who have suffered poverty help to increase their feelings of self-worth. We will continue to replenish the backpacks in order to help youth when they leave detention to feel better about their new start.

by Kim Chumley
Senior Management Analyst
Pima County Juvenile Court


Being one of the younger treasurer hunters as well as a Kid at Hope, I wanted to say the hope tunnels do really make a difference during the first week of school. I attend Westwood high school and having all those familiar as well as unknown faces there for encouragement along with uplifting messages does really make a difference in how students (including myself) start the year off. I just wanted to say thank you for the dedication and positive difference you’ve been making around St.luci…
Amanda FrederickC/O 2014 @ Fort Pierce west-wood high school Member of youth leadership 2011-2012