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Kids at Hope Webinar Wednesday

Are You Handing Out Your Aces?

Deep Dive into Universal Truth #2

Wally is currently Executive Director of the Kids at Hope Northwest Resource and Training Center (KAH). In the last ten years Mr. Endicott has trained and empowered nearly 10,000 youth development workers. These practicing “Treasure Hunters” include but are not limited to: teachers, bus drivers, principals, food service workers, high school students, school district superintendents and other administrators, early learning professionals, tutors, school counselors, parks and recreation employees, parents, custodians, and juvenile justice workers. Over 100,000 young people in the region are benefitting by interacting on a regular basis with one these KAH practitioners.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

12:30 pm (Pacific)

1:30 pm (Mountain, AZ)

2:30 pm (Central)

3:30 pm (Eastern)

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Rick Miller

Deep Dive into Universal Truth #3 – TIME TRAVEL

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

1:30pm | Pacific (includes AZ)

2:30pm | Mountain

3:30pm | Central

4:30pm | Eastern

Mental time travel and how it leads to HOPE for the future

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