Hope Links (Secondary Level)

hope links

Because hope can be taught and practiced, we designed Hope Link cards to facilitate discussions to help youth develop positive skills and abilities, and to integrate an understanding of these positive strengths within their personal identities.

Hope Links is a set of collaborative activity cards designed specifically for use with youth in middle/high school. Each set of Hope Links cards is divided into three overarching domains: 1) we BELIEVE all youth can succeed by cultivating positive expectations, 2) we CONNECT with youth in caring relationships, and 3) we teach youth to TIME TRAVEL by envisioning the future, and deriving pathways to desired goals.

hope links

  • Each card/activity is tied to a specific skill or capacity drawn from current literature such as Agency, Growth Mindset, Respect for Others, Goals Thinking and more.
  • Each activity is easily facilitated by an adult and can be used in any order.
  • Activities are designed with a suggested number of links and an approximate time frame.
  • Activities are designed to connect youth to their future in meaningful ways.

Box Includes:

1 – Instruction Booklet
30 โ€“ BELIEVE/Positive Expectations Cards
40 โ€“ CONNECT/ Caring Relationships Cards
30 โ€“ TIME TRAVEL/Future Orientations Cards


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