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Ruth Truman

I watched with fascination all the cases that came before my case. Everyone (in the court) was so NICE! And caring, and interested and genuinely seeking to help kids-I don’t know why this should be a revolutionary, shocking circumstance to be witnessing, but it was truly something I have never seen in 33 years as an attorney who has frequented juvenile court. . .Not only did the judge smile and make a connection with the kid, the PROSECUTOR made a connection with all of them (the kid and his family).  Prosecutors usually treat defendants with haughtiness. . .Instead in Prescott, here was this wonderful human being genuinely caring for these children, one right after another. . . Obviously, I had fallen down a rabbit hole and suffered a concussion, because that courtroom was like no courtroom I had ever been in and had never seen in any movie or read about in any book.

Ruth TrumanAttorney


Being one of the younger treasurer hunters as well as a Kid at Hope, I wanted to say the hope tunnels do really make a difference during the first week of school. I attend Westwood high school and having all those familiar as well as unknown faces there for encouragement along with uplifting messages does really make a difference in how students (including myself) start the year off. I just wanted to say thank you for the dedication and positive difference you’ve been making around St.luci… Read more
Amanda FrederickC/O 2014 @ Fort Pierce west-wood high school Member of youth leadership 2011-2012