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Ruth Truman

I watched with fascination all the cases that came before my case. Everyone (in the court) was so NICE! And caring, and interested and genuinely seeking to help kids-I don’t know why this should be a revolutionary, shocking circumstance to be witnessing, but it was truly something I have never seen in 33 years as an attorney who has frequented juvenile court. . .Not only did the judge smile and make a connection with the kid, the PROSECUTOR made a connection with all of them (the kid and his family).  Prosecutors usually treat defendants with haughtiness. . .Instead in Prescott, here was this wonderful human being genuinely caring for these children, one right after another. . . Obviously, I had fallen down a rabbit hole and suffered a concussion, because that courtroom was like no courtroom I had ever been in and had never seen in any movie or read about in any book.

Ruth TrumanAttorney


Kids at Hope reminds us of why we have dedicated our lives to helping children and provides us a culture of hope and possibility for the children and for us.
Dr. Robert Maurer, PhDAssociate Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, President for the Center of Excellence