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We need you to make


There is an epidemic of HOPELESSNESS. Many young people have lost hope in their future. You see it in depression, drug abuse, anxiety, lack of interest in school, juvenile delinquency and tragically, suicide. When you give up on your future, you make very bad decisions.

The Challenge

Often we wait until the symptoms of hopelessness appear and then we rally to address those symptoms.
It is time we make a concerted effort to address the challenge before the symptoms appear.

The COMMITMENT to Prevent Hopelessness

Every child and youth deserve to be vaccinated against hopelessness.  Today’s science is offering us answers. We know that young people who sense adults truly BELIEVE in them; CONNECT with them in meaningful ways that are sustainable; and teach all kids  the power of mental TIME TRAVEL,  a process that teaches  goal setting, pathways toward goals, and understand the energy needed to pursue those goals are much more hopeful than youth who don’t.

By offering all youth, the three major building blocks needed for HOPE


we can protect them from hopelessness.

We are recruiting all caring adults, institutions, and organizations that care about the future of children to make The COMMITMENT to prevent hopelessness.

The Strategy-A Public Service Health Campaign

Each year public service health campaigns are launched to inform us all about events in our life that can cause illness or death. We are reminded about vaccinations, washing our hands to prevent the spread of disease and to remind us to wear seat belts. It is time for a campaign to inform the public about the value of protecting our children against hopelessness.

The COMMITMENT -a public service health campaign will educate all caring adults. We will develop Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). We will create social media campaigns. There will be posters, brochures, talking points, newsletter inserts. Whatever it takes we must collectively get the message out – Kids need HOPE and we can help.  

Will You Make The COMMITMENT pledge?

It is simple yet powerful. Personally endorse The COMMITMENT Campaign. Lend your name and if possible the name of your organization. Contribute if possible $25 per year or $250 organizationally to help with expenses. Join our steering committee-we need your ideas.

Be a beacon of HOPE-let others know that HOPELESSNESS can be prevented.

Advance the public service health campaign by distributing posters, helping to place PSA’s, recruiting others to join you. 

Together let’s prevent hopelessness.

Are You Ready to Make the Commitment?

Contact to join the movement

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The motto of Kids at Hope is ‘All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!’ It is essential that community-based agencies strive to live by that bold imperative. But to really believe that and create programming that suggests we believe it, we have to check in with ourselves and view kids a bit differently.
Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed, FAAPfrom his book Building Resilience in Children and Teens (giving kids roots and wings)