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Kids at Hope University-Professional Development Series

Kids at Hope University is the training arm of Kids at Hope. It offers a series of trainings, classes, seminars, symposiums, institutes, on line courses and workshops all designed to support the success of all children, No Exceptions.

For more information contact Kids at Hope:
Kim Heredia, Director of Administration
602 674 0026
Toll Free 866 275 HOPE or visit



Unleashing the Power of Hope—designed for individuals or teams, this 3-4 hour workshop is your introduction to Kids at Hope. During this session participants will become familiar with the three Universal Truths that create a Kids at Hope culture, We Believe, We Connect, We Time Travel. This workshop should be attended by individuals, entire staffs, community members, anyone who works with or cares about kids.

Advocating Hope—after you have been introduced to Kids at Hope through the Unleashing Hope Workshop (a pre-requisite), your next step is Advocating Hope. This workshop can be attended by individuals but is also designed for teamster entire staffs. In this two-day workshop attendees will experience the top Five Kids at Hope practices as well as more information on how Kids at Hope connects to Social/Emotional Learning. Attendees will conclude this workshop with their plan for next steps.

After completing Unleashing the Power of Hope and Advocating Hope workshops, the following workshops are available to you

Successful Parenting–Successful Students—An introduction to Kids at Hope designed for parents/Aces of Hearts.

Little Kids at Hope—An exploration of how the elements of hope can be infused in the various stages of child development in children ages 3-6.

Teen Treasure Hunters—A workshop for adults who work with teens that explores hope strategies and the related Social/Emotional Learning skills relevant to adolescent growth and development.

Empowering Teens as Treasure Hunters—A workshop that teaches teens how to treasure hunt for themselves and others.

Building Hope Together—the third workshop in the series will familiarize attendees with the DNA of hope – Goals, Pathways, and Agency. Together we will explore how what you are already doing connects with Kids at Hope. This two day workshop is ideal for teams or staffs but may be attended by individuals . Together we will review a variety of measures you already have as well as some new information in order to create long range planning for implementation of Kids at Hope.

Mastering Hope: The Treasure Hunters Institute—A week-long experience that includes many guest speakers and presentations designed to support and extend Kids at Hope Practices.

Materials related to Kids at Hope, our Top Five Practices, posters, shirts
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(Kids at Hope) offers a framework for us to implement our shared vision: that every child can be successful, no …exceptions; and that adults can impact the success of children through guidance, encouragement and an evidenced-based course of action. It is hard not to be inspired by Kids at Hope’s message about the power of optimism and positivity in making meaningful connections and changes in the outcomes of children. Regardless of your role in the Juvenile Justice system, look for future traini… Read more
Presiding Juvenile Court Judge Colleen McNallyMaricopa County, AZ