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2021 Kids at Hope Week
November 8-12, 2021
(2nd Wednesday in November)

The theme for this year’s Kids at Hope week is

“I am Talented, Smart and Capable of Success…No Exceptions!”

with a focus on the Kids at Hope Report Card.

Within the Kids at Hope framework are five practices – the third practice is to ensure every young person receives a “Report Card” that proves that they are “talented, smart and capable of success, No Exceptions!” How do you use the Kids at Hope Report Card or other assessments that identify the strengths and assets of children and youth?

Within the Kids at Hope belief system we recommend that one day out of 365 days should be set aside to focus only on the young person’s strengths, etc. Everyone deserves to be “perfect” at least once a year; the other 364 days a year you can encourage them to try harder, behave better, study well, pay attention, etc.

The Report Card focuses on each child/youth’s potential rather than grades or behavior. EVERY child has potential – on this day we recognize that in a public way and remind ALL children/ youth that WE as Treasure Hunters believe in them, No Exceptions!

Be sure to post stories, experiences, pictures on social media and use the hashtag #kidsathopeweek2021

Order Report Cards here:


2020 Kids at Hope Week
November 9-13, 2020
(2nd Wednesday in November)

Theme: Hope is a Choice

This year’s theme for Kids at Hope Week (Nov. 9-13) is “Hope is a Choice”
Choosing hope during good times and times of crisis (Covid, fires, hurricanes, social unrest, etc.) and all the times in between. How do you manifest this in your workplace:
Essays – How and why you chose Hope
Video recordings of how you have made hope a choice
Spread the word – How do you encourage others to make the choice to have hope?
Post on social media and use the hashtag #hopeisachoice2020
We will highlight all entries on our social media!

2019 Kids at Hope Day/Week
November 11-15, 2019
(2nd Wednesday in November)

Theme: Picture Hope

How does your school/community/organization Picture Hope? Show us photos, paintings, sketches, murals, etc. that capture Kids at Hope themes and universal truths! You can build an art show, bookmark or door decorating contest, art walk, etc…the sky is the limit! Let the creativity flow!

**Please share your artistic interpretations with us on social media!**

Post on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #picturehope2019

Posts will be checked until Saturday, November 30th. Each post will be entered into a drawing to win some fabulous prizes! The more you post and tag, the more chances you have to win!*

Kids at Hope Day/Week 2018
November 12-16, 2018
(2nd Wednesday in November)

2018 Theme: A CULTURE of HOPE

The power behind Kids at Hope is its cultural strategy.

Rather than advance KAH within a program or curriculum, KAH is unleashed by harnessing the power of WE. It is the WE rather than the ME that can reach all children and youth with a message and strategy that demonstrates how all kids are capable of success, No Exceptions!! It is the WE that represents culture.

For KAH to work best and most effectively the village and all villagers need to be part of, rather than a part from, the three Universal Truths which define KAH:


Show us how your school, organization, department, agency or community is encouraging everyone to see every kid as AT HOPE and how your team is using BELIEVE-CONNECT-TIME TRAVEL as part of your overall strategy.

Keep in mind the ME can only reach some kids. It is the WE that can reach all kids!


Like last year, in place of a traditional contest, we want you to share your celebrations with us on social media!

Post on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #cultureofhope2018

Posts will be checked until Friday, November 30th. Each post will be entered into a drawing to win some fabulous prizes! The more you post and tag, the more chances you have to win!*

Kids at Hope Day/Week 2017
November 6-10, 2017
(2nd Wednesday in November)

2017 Theme: Hope Hope Hooray!
How do you best celebrate Kids at Hope in your school/classroom/program/ organization?

Download 2017 Flyer Here

Social Media Links:


Kids at Hope Day/Week 2016
November 7-11, 2016
(2nd Wednesday in November)

Each year Kids at Hope selects a theme for it Kids at Hope Day/Week celebration. This year the theme is Celebrating “10’s”! We began this celebration on 10/10 and while Kids at Hope Day technically falls on 11/9/16 feel free to celebrate on 11/10 or even the whole week!
Let’s take the time to: Pause, Reflect, and Recognize caring adults who are “10’s” in the lives of children and youth – those remarkable adults who do not give up on kids, nor tolerate anyone who does

Let’s Celebrate “10’s” for Kids at Hope Day!
We know for a fact that children do better and are more successful when they have adults who strongly believe they will do well. We learned those adults present themselves as 10’s and that is powerful.
Our conclusion was, kids need 10’s in their lives. Anything less than a 10 represents an individual who for some reason cannot accept the belief that all children are capable of success, NO Exceptions! The impact of adult’s beliefs about children, good or bad, are known as the self-fulfilling prophecy or Pygmalion effect and it has been studied for decades. Kids do not need 9’s; 8’s; 7’s; etc. They do not need adults who find reasons they cannot succeed.

Celebrating “10’s”!

We want to recognize your creativity and commitment… Share your Kids at Hope Day activities with us – each entry submitted will receive a Kids at Hope “10” lapel pin. Win a $100 gift certificate to the Kids at Hope store and more!

Click Below to Read how to enter our contest:

Kids at Hope Day/Week Contest

Treasure Hunter 10 Baseball Jersey

 New 10 shirts! Order for the 10s in your organization today!  Order Here…
Feel free to use these downloads in your celebrations!


Kids at Hope Week
November 9-13, 2015

*Since Kids at Hope Day falls on Veteran’s Day this year we are designating November 9-13 Kids at Hope Week so that all schools and participating organizations can celebrate with us!*

2015 THEME
“Destined for Destinations”

Within the Kids at Hope Cultural Framework Universal Truth # 3 states: Kids who can articulate their future are more successful than students who can’t. We define future in terms of destinations, which goes well beyond the typical “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Kids at Hope’s definition of future includes: home and family; education and career; community and service; and hobbies and recreation. By establishing four destinations rather than one or two the student’s mind is preparing itself for a multidimensional future.  Kids at Hope calls that Mental Time Travel.

To that end, we recognize that our destiny and those of our students include
four destinations.

2015 Kids at Hope Day Awards

Best Overall Award
Desert Star School
Avondale Elementary School District, Avondale, AZ

Desert Star Elementary is this year’s Grand Prize winner for best overall demonstration of this year’s theme – Destined for Destinations! Desert Star is located in the Avondale Elementary School District, which is a Kids at Hope district!

Desert Star celebrated the entire week featuring one destination each day. Each morning they highlighted one destination on the morning announcements and spent time in classrooms relating their everyday school lessons to the destination and setting goals for the future.

Highlights throughout the week included:

MondayHome & Family Day – students wore their favorite outfit from home or something that represented their family – students wore everything from comfy sweats to fancy cultural dresses. Teachers talked about their own home & family life with students and students time traveled to the future by writing or drawing how they envisioned their home and family life.

Tuesday Education & Career Day – students and staff wore college shirts or dressed as their future career choice. Staff decorated their doors with their college Alma Mater, exposing their students to all the possibilities available to them. Classes took tours of the campus to view all the colleges represented and students wrote and drew their goals for their future in education and career.

Desert Star 1WednesdayKids at Hope Spirit Day – Kids entered campus to a Tunnel of Hope. In one class students created a bucket list of 100 Things they want to do in their life and related the list to the four destinations. Another class Skyped with a future astronaut!

Thursday Hobbies & Recreation Day – students and staff dressed up representing their hobby (i.e. painter, sports, bakers, photographer).Desert Star 2

FridayCommunity & Service Day – Students and staff wore school or club shirts to demonstrate how strong the school community was. They also held a canned food drive, where over 900 food items were donated to a local food bank. Students loaded the bags of food into the vans themselves.

At the end of the week Desert Star students were able to more clearly articulate their futures, which will increase their chances of success in their home & family, education & career, hobbies & recreation and community & service.

Treasure Hunter Awards – honoring the schools/organizations that
best demonstrated the theme Destined for Destinations:

Imagine Rosefield (AZ)
Herndon High School (VA)
Annapolis Middle School (AZ)
Bayshore Elementary (FL)

Past Kids at Hope Days


Kids at Hope Day

November 12, 2014

(Celebrated annually on the 2nd Wednesday in November)

2014 Kids at Hope Day Awards

Herndon KAH Day 2014 1 (1)

Best Overall Award

Herndon High School
Fairfax County Public Schools, Herndon, VA

Herndon High School has been selected as this year’s Best Overall Award for their celebration of Kids at Hope Day! This is the first year a high school has won this award! The theme for this year’s contest was WE CONNECT – The Power of Aces.  Herndon High School, located in Herndon, VA, is in its second year of implementing Kids at Hope. Their goal this year is to make sure every student has at least one meaningful and sustainable relationship with a caring adult in the building. They do this by documenting the existing support systems their students currently have, as well as identifying students for which those connections are needed.

For Kids at Hope Day the school organized activities around this theme. All staff and students were encouraged to wear Kids at Hope colors (blue & gold) to show their Kids at Hope spirit. Teachers shared a personal “Aces” story with their students, a situation from their childhood that could have gone terribly wrong if it were not for the guidance, kindness or opportunity for success from a caring adult. Teachers then explained how in a Kids at Hope school/culture these relationships are called Aces and expressed to their students their desire to become an Ace for each of them before the end of the school year and the importance of knowing who the other Aces are in their lives.  Each student was also given an Aces tracking handout with the following instructions, “We all need a support system. In the Kids at Hope culture, we call that support system your Aces. Should you make a connection with an adult, let them know which Ace they are for you. The greater accessibility your Aces have to each other, the easier it is for them to work collaboratively to offer you comfort during your challenges and celebration with each success.”

Students were also given “To My Ace” postcards to fill out for the Aces on campus in their lives. Students were asked to reflect on the Aces in their life, the adults who show them care, hold high expectations for them and/or give them opportunities to succeed. They wrote personal messages on the postcards to thank their Aces or simply share with them the importance of their role in the student’s life. Students then hand delivered the postcards to their Aces throughout the day.

Other activities included students being given Hornet Pride cards for wearing blue & gold, which were turned in to be used for a drawing during lunch periods to win prizes.  Students also had a chance to win prizes by answering Kids at Hope trivia questions. And throughout the school year, Herndon High School conducts quarterly Successful Parenting – Successful Children workshops for the Anchor Parents of the high school students.

Please click link below for pictures from the day’s events as well as the greeting Principal William Bates sent to families at the beginning of this school year.

Herndon High School is quickly becoming a MODEL Kids at Hope High School, demonstrating the school and community’s belief in all children, No Exceptions!

Herndon KAH Day 2014 4 (1)
Greetings from Principal William Bates

Herndon Hornet Community,                                           We are excited to begin the 2014-2015 school year and we can’t wait to see our Young Hornets on Tuesday, September 2nd. “All Hornets Are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!” Students at Herndon High School have embraced this mission statement. As a Kids At Hope school, we encourage our students to believe in their individual potential and challenge them to define success for themselves. They understand the importance of finding hope in the face of adversity. When presented with challenges, Hornets see the opportunity for change and growth.

Last year, in the first implementation year of Kids At Hope, the HHS faculty and staff focused on creating a culture where WE BELIEVE in the success of all of our students, NO EXCEPTIONS! At the beginning of every Teacher Advisory period our students are encouraged to make a commitment to themselves to believe and have pride in their ability to make their dreams their realities by reciting the Kids At Hope pledge.
I am a kid at hope.
I am talented, smart and capable of success.
I have dreams for the future, and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.

Herndon High School faculty and staff recognize and are humbled by the uniquely wonderful opportunity we have to change the lives of children. For this reason, following the student pledge, we affirm our commitment to each child to discover the hidden gems that can ultimately shape their destinies.
As an adult and a Treasure Hunter
I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence that exist in all children and youth.
I believe all Hornets are capable of success, No Exceptions!

Although the words of the these pledges are printed on posters and in student’s planners and can be heard over the intercom each black day, the real strength of the Kids at Hope movement is in the way the adults interact with students and how students have come to interact with each other. As WE CONNECT, in implementation year two, whether through a simple smile as a student walks through the classroom door or by formally mentoring a student who needs guidance; it is our goal to ensure that every student at Herndon High School has at least one meaningful and sustainable relationship with a caring adult.

Kids At Hope Herndon is not a program. It is the cultural framework that drives every decision we make. It is who we are. It is what we believe. It is what we practice each and every day because at Herndon High School we believe that…

All Hornets Are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!

William L. Bates, Principal & “Treasure Hunter”
Herndon High School


We are pleased to acknowledge the organizations who best exemplified the following Kids at Hope Themes in their Kids at Hope Day Celebrations:

Treasure Hunter Awards
Canyon Breeze Elementary School (AZ)
Estrella Vista Elementary School (AZ)
Magnet Traditional School (AZ)
Annapolis Middle School (AZ)

National Honor Awards
Imagine Avondale (AZ)
Imagine Rosefield (AZ)
Bayshore Elementary School (FL)
Village Green Environmental Studies School (FL)
Allapattah Flats K8 School (FL)
Oak Hammock K-8 School (FL)
Samuel Gaines Academy (FL)

Kids at Hope Day


November 13, 2013

(celebrated annually on the 2nd Wednesday in November)

2013 Theme:

Day of a Million Treasures

The goal of this day is to discover a MILLION treasures in children across the US and Canada!

Kids at Hope Day Awards

Best Overall

* Canyon Breeze Elementary – Pendergast Elementary School District, Phoenix, AZ

For the THIRD year, Canyon Breeze Elementary won the Best Overall Award for their celebration of Kids at Hope Day! They chose the theme “There’s No Place Like HOPE.” The Kids at Hope committee at Canyon Breeze built a day using the Wizard of Oz to frame the day as the students rotated through stations that celebrated the treasures in them, and let them Time Travel through their future. Activities included a “Yellow Brick Road of Dreams”, Rotations through the 4 destinations including Munchkin Land (Home & Family), The Poppy Field (Community & Service), Uncle Ben’s Farm (Hobbies & Recreation) and Time Travel Tornado (Education & Career). In Munchkin Land, each teacher created an emerald “treasure” with the student’s name and one of the treasures inside them. The students were presented with their emerald one at a time, and placed it on a giant cut out Emerald City. Children were told that each of their treasures was part of what makes Canyon Breeze a place of Hope! Special Area teachers dressed as Wizard of Oz characters and Principal Jeff Byrnes was the Great & Powerful “Wizard of Hope!” The most touching moment of the day happened during the celebration assembly and was described like this:

“Dorothy, a 3rd grader, brought up each of her Aces from the audience to get her full deck of cards. This was an especially important moment for her since her mother left her with her aunt at the beginning of the year. Her grandmother could not attend the assembly because she was in court obtaining custody of the little girl and her siblings. “Dorothy” picked her seventh grade brother as her “Ace of Hearts.” He came through the crowd of peers, gave his sister a giant hug and told her he loved her. Seeing her with her full deck of Aces showed there really is “No Place Like Hope.” After chanting “There’s No Place Like Hope!” one student put it best – He looked at his teacher and said, “Yes there is! It’s called Canyon Breeze. Canyon Breeze is better than hope because it is real!”

Canyon Breeze (1)

Canyon Breeze 2 2013 (1)

Canyon Breeze 2013 emerald city (1)

We are pleased to acknowledge the organizations who best exemplified the following Kids at Hope Themes in their Kids at Hope Day Celebrations:

Treasure Hunter Awards
Imagine Schools – Rosefield (AZ)
Herndon Elementary School (VA)
Estrella Vista Elementary (AZ)

Imagine Schools – Avondale (AZ)

Honorable Mention
Frank Hebron Harman Elementary School (MD)
Annapolis Middle School (MD)
STAR Academy (AZ)
Magnet Traditional School (AZ)
Littleton Elementary, Littleton School District (AZ)
Hurley Ranch Elementary, Union Elementary School District (AZ)



Kids at Hope Day

November 14, 2012

(Celebrated annually on the 2nd Wednesday in November)


Every Adult a Treasure Hunter

Every Child a Time Traveler

Kids at Hope Day Awards

Best Overall

* Canyon Breeze Elementary – Pendergast Elementary School District, Phoenix, AZ

For the second year, Canyon Breeze Elementary won the Best Overall Award for their celebration of Kids at Hope Day! The chose the theme “The Treasure Within All of Us”. Each teacher dressed as a pirate and designated a specific jewel (i.e. Red Rubies) to each grade level who all wore the corresponding color. Each teacher shared their own treasure chests with their students with each child’s name on a jewel and a positive statement about that child. Many students wrote a “Treasure Within” essay. They created headbands where each student wrote something nice about them. There of course was a huge Tunnel of Hope lead by the SS Treasure Hunter and Principal Jeff “Jack Sparrow” Byrnes. Over 1,000 students, staff members and parents packed the gym for the Canyon Breeze KAH Day Assembly where they recited the pledges, sang the KAH/Canyon Breeze song and showcased the “hidden treasures” within their community with a talent show by many of the students. They then finished the day with students following a treasure map to each of the four destinations where teachers and community members shared their experiences in a particular destination. And finally they invited families to join their kids for an Anchor Parent barbeque lunch. Congratulations Canyon Breeze on Believing and Practicing Treasure Hunting and Time Traveling!

jeff byrnes pirate 2012 KAH Day (1)

We are pleased to acknowledge the organizations who best exemplified the following Kids at Hope Themes in their Kids at Hope Day Celebrations:

Treasure Hunting
Pendergast Transportation Department (AZ)
Imagine Avondale (AZ) – Honorable Mention
VIBE (Alberta, Canada) – Honorable Mention

Time Traveling
Indian Bend Elementary, Paradise Valley School District (AZ)
Littleton Elementary, Littleton School District (AZ)
Hurley Ranch Elementary, Union Elementary School District (AZ)


We are so closely aligned in purpose and passion…We are bound to change the world together, one kid, one class, one community at a time!
Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writers