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Kids at Hope University

Kids at Hope Empowerment Workshops:

Kids at Hope University is the training arm of Kids at Hope. It offers a series of trainings, classes, seminars, symposiums, institutes, on line courses and workshops all designed to support the success of all children, No Exceptions.

Unleashing the Power of Hope—An introduction to Kids at Hope.

Advocating Hope—A deeper dive into the principles and practices that empower a community of Hope

After completing Unleashing the Power of Hope and Advocating Hope workshops, the following workshops are available to you

Successful Parenting–Successful Students—An introduction to Kids at Hope designed for parents/Aces of Hearts.

Little Kids at Hope—An exploration of how the elements of hope can be infused in the various stages of child development in children ages 3-6.

Teen Treasure Hunters—A workshop for adults who work with teens that explores hope strategies and the related Social/Emotional Learning skills relevant to adolescent growth and development.

Empowering Teens as Treasure Hunters—A workshop that teaches teens how to treasure hunt for themselves and others.

Building Hope Together—How communities within an organization, and in a larger context can work together to maximize the individual efforts to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Mastering Hope: The Treasure Hunters’ Institute—A week-long experience that includes many guest speakers and presentations designed to support and extend Kids at Hope Practices.

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Unleashing the Power of Hope ONLINE (3.5 hours)   A Self Paced Introduction to Kids at Hope

Exploring the science of hope, optimism and success and how it can be instilled in all children without exception. Exploring a cultural strategic framework and how an entire campus/organization/community can support the success of every child. Practical application of evidence based protocols in support of a child’s success is also discussed.

Target Audience: Any caring adult interested in child and youth development.
Offered through Digital Chalk – online registration required: KIDS AT HOPE MODULE I ONLINE
Prerequisites: None





Gandhi said, ‘if you want to change the world, be that change.’ Kids at Hope IS that change. I am with you guys 100 percent.”
Karina Rice RobertsJuvenile Probation Officer Cochise County, AZ